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You sit there slogging away on your muddy novel. What’s to love? That last tortured paragraph? That plot hole staring you in the face? Maybe you feel some respect for your efforts. Maybe you appreciate your discipline and your devotion. Maybe you’re charmed a bit by the way you’re able to bring a little lightness and playfulness to such a dark endeavor.

But love? What’s to love?

If you want to know the answer to this question, just follow us in today’s [Listening].

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Source: Psychology today

I remember coaching a woman who loved Italy. She traveled to Italy as often as she could. She got her love of Italy into her daily writing practice by ______ (1 word missing) the walls of her small study yellow. It didn’t matter that she was writing about subjects that had nothing to do with Italy. That yellow warmed her heart and warmed her books.

Then there was Barry. Barry was fascinated by the Doomsday Clock, that metaphoric device announcing how close human beings have come to the midnight of global catastrophe. He loved that we were a mere two minutes to midnight. That love ______ (1 word missing) him to work ten hours a day on his paintings. “Not a moment to lose,” he would laugh. “The clock is ticking!”

I have a small daily practice that is a place of love for me. Every day I ______ (1 word missing) for a moment or two or three at the compilation of artists’ quotations that I’ve put together over the years. I have hundreds that move me. This all began when, thirty years ago, a publisher asked me to gather quotes for his book. I love the quotes that I gathered then and have continued to gather over the years and I love spending a little time with them every day.

It’s clear where an element of practice like discipline or repetition fits in. But love? How can you translate the idea of love as an element of practice into some actual loving? I hope that you can find the way and I invite you to try. A loveless practice is exactly that. It is colder than it need be and maybe too cold even to contemplate.

Warm it up with love.

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Can what you love somehow makes its way into your daily practice? Share with us in the comments down below.

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