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Every woman has had a friend who dated a guy who was clearly bad news, but she just couldn’t resist. And yet, despite all the warnings and red flags, the pull of dating a “bad boy” was just too strong. So, even with all of the signs that heartbreak is on the horizon, why do we still find bad boys so appealing? It may not be politically correct to admit it, but these brooding, macho men can be compellingly attractive, with their downright seductive swagger.

Here we look at some of the reasons why women find “bad boys” so attractive, even though we know they’re trouble.

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1. We want their genes — but not their partnership.
Science explains why bad boys can be so compelling. Dr. Fugère says research shows men with very masculine traits may have better quality genes, so it could be attractive to women on an unconscious evolutionary level. “But when asked what they’re looking for in an ideal partner, women tend to cite nice-guy traits, like honesty, trustworthiness, and respectfulness,” she notes.

2. “Bad boys” free us from the pressure of being “good girls.”
“Girls possess a range of traits, like rebelliousness,” explains Robyn McKay, Ph.D. “These traits are typically repressed during childhood, as females are socialized to be compliant and agreeable. If a girl’s inner life is unexpressed, she may be drawn to a bad boy as a way of vicariously expressing her own inner rebel.”

3. They’re exciting, different, and “forbidden.”“Bad boys can be a welcome change from the usual types of partners,” says Dr. Fugère. Especially if women are bored, adds Dr. McKay, these men can seem “exciting and fun“. Bad boys can seem taboo, which further adds to their appeal. “When we want something we can’t or shouldn’t have, our desire for it grows exponentially, but we all know how that ended for Romeo and Juliet.”

4. We think they’ll protect us.
Women who feel besieged by threats often fall for tough guys, says psychologist Forrest Talley, Ph.D. “They desire having someone in their life who is tough enough to face the world and punch back when necessary,” he says.

5. The bottom line: Proceed with caution.
The experts agree that men who don’t want to change in most cases will not. As Jennifer Schlueter found from her own relationship with a bad boy, “I was hoping my love would ‘fix’ him, but he taught me that I can’t change anyone who doesn’t want to change for himself.”
‘Converting’ a bad boy is a generally impossible situation, says Dr. Melancon. “If a woman were to succeed in changing him, he would no longer be the bad boy she finds so irresistible,” she says.

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  • It’s sadly ironic that they choose bad boys (instead of good boys), only to turn them into good boys… Like, seriously?

  • As i am muslim, i believe that every thing in islm prohabited is beneficial for all humanity grom each and evey aspect.

    Scondly, the woman or young girls they are dating with boys 99percent are abuse them and if we look to the man history they are fill of josh.

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