[Word-ology] Agility=ag+il+ity

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Before today’s learning, let’s check the answers to the last episode.

Definition: required by rule

Definition: requiring more than usually expected

Today we will learn the new root “ag-“, it means “to act” or “to drive, to lead” and is used in many words. Let’s see the word “agility” together.

In the word “agility“, “ag” means “act“, “il(e)” means “easy” and “-y” at the end of the word indicates that the word is a noun. By combining them together we can deduce that “agility” means “easy to act“.

In Cambridge Dictionary, “agility” means “the ability to move your body quickly and easily“, which is highly similar to what we’ve deduced.

Here’s an example to use “agility” :

With her speed and agility, Cage cut out all her competitors in the hurdle race.

Now it’s your time to figure out the meanings of the following words!

agitate=ag [drive]+it+-ate [v.]

coagulate=co- [together]+ag [drive]+ul+-ate [v.]

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