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Can a Bigger Belly Actually Make Your Brain Smaller?
Carrying too much weight around the middle can bring memory challenges later, a new study suggests.

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Source: Live Science

Belly fat has long been thought to be ______ (2 words missing) for your heart, but now, a new study adds more evidence to the idea that it may also be bad for your brain.

The study, from the UK, found that people who were obese and had a high waist-to-hip ratio (a measure of belly fat) had slightly lower brain volumes, on average, compared with people who were a healthy weight.
Specifically, belly fat ______ (3 words missing) lower volumes of gray matter, the brain tissue that contains nerve cells.

“Our research looked at a large group of people and found obesity, specifically around the middle, maybe linked with brain shrinkage,” said lead study author Mark Hamer, a professor at Loughborough University’s School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences.

Lower brain volume, or brain shrinkage, has been linked with an increased risk of memory ______ (1 word missing) and dementia. The new findings suggest that the combination of obesity and a high waist-to-hip ratio may be a risk factor for brain shrinkage, the researchers said.

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