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We all love falling in love but when you get in too deep, too quickly, it can spell disaster for your new relationship. For most people, the feelings of falling in love are only triggered when they are matched and reciprocated. Some people, however, seem to need no encouragement or signs from the other person – they fall in love repeatedly – often with people who aren’t interested, or available, and often with sad consequences.

Here we look at some of the reasons why this happens and what to do if you are someone who falls in love too easily.

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1. Love is a gift
Being someone who falls in love easily is an advantage when it comes to dating because you don’t have to dismantle your own fears and defences to let someone in but imagine if you could only give your gift of love once more in your life. This would mean you would be much more discerning about who received it – they would have to be someone very special, who you got to know well, to ensure that they were the right person before you ever said those three little words and gave them your heart.

2. Imprinting
When a duckling hatches from its shell it will imprint and follow the first thing it sees even if it is not its mother – someone who is in ‘love’ can make a very strong attachment to someone with a minimal amount of encouragement, just a smile or a kind word is often enough to get their affection. They are keen to find someone who feels the same way so the good feelings they have can be shared and prolonged.

This isn’t a bad thing, and it doesn’t mean that someone like this is desperate or needy, simply that they are more vulnerable to falling for people who don’t reciprocate their feelings or who are scared off by the strength of their emotions. They may experience the initial rush of falling in love many times but rarely get past the initial phases to develop a strong and lasting relationship.

3. Broken hearts
If you give your heart to everyone you meet the chances are that you will get it broken almost as many times as you give it away. This can be particularly painful for someone who is in ‘love’ because they are very open and sensitive, to begin with, and will experience every rejection at a deep level, even if it is only after a couple of dates. Although you may not have much choice over how many times you feel the feelings of love for someone you do have some choice over how often you express it and who to.

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