[Phrases] You are the shit!

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The phrase “You are the shit” roughly translates to, “You are the coolest, you’re awesome, or you’re the best .” It’s a compliment, as strange as it seems.

Remove the “the” making the phrase into “you’re shit“, however, and the whole meaning changes to one of an insult.

Let’s see some other expressions about “shit” that might not be the most polite, but they are very, very useful and common, actually!

1. Scared shitless

It means you are very very scared of something.

When I saw the ghost, I was scared you shitless.

Have you ever seen a scary movie that has scared you shitless?

2. To be in deep shit

If you are in deep shit, it means you are in trouble.

I lost $ 10,000 at the casino. Now I’m in deep shit.

3. A shitload of something

A shitload means you have a lot.

I have a shitload of books.

Toronto has a shitload of people.

4. When shit hits the fan

It means all these dramatic, crazy, insane things are happening.

Shit hits the fan when Ken came to work drunk.

Shit hits the fan! Marry finds out about the secret girlfriend of her husband.

That’s all for [Phrases] today. Now try to make at least one sentence with the phrases that you like! That will help you to remember them.

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  • I haven’t get use to talk about all these shitty phrases makes me feel dirty.
    I better stop doing those activities if i dont want to be in deep shit.
    Shit hits the fan when i mention the Subject.
    He has a shitload of subscribers.
    She still have a shitload of feelings for him.

    • Wow you are the shit. You have a shitload of ideas. I wish you always happy instead of in deep shit.

  • i have a shit load of nail polishes.
    i’m in deep shit as i didnt do well in the exam.

  • If I don’t get job today then I will be in deep shit so I have a shitload of work.

  • The crazy people caught me up, it scared me shitless, they also carried a shitload of weapons, I’m in deep shit. Shit hits the fan when they pull the gun at me.

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