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Masculinity seems to be essential to a man. But what does masculinity mean? When we think of masculinity, the image of a tough and emotional man comes to our mind. Is masculinity really good for a man?

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Source: Psychology Today

A difficult truth is that men and boys are encouraged relentlessly by society, their families and peers, to exhibit characteristics of masculinity: Being self-sufficient, stoic, strong, dominant, tough, and unemotional, while avoiding conduct that is stereotypically feminine, such as empathy, and nurturance.

While there are many positive elements ______ (2 words missing) masculinity, it can promote the constriction of emotions in such a way that leads men to aggression and violence.

What’s important to understand is that masculinity is not hard-wired into the brain by genes and hormones. Therefore, masculinity is not essential, nor inescapable, for boys and men.

Boys and men can ______ (1 word missing) their gender identity without conforming their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors to masculine norms. Masculinity is not synonymous with being biologically male. In many segments of the populations, this is a difficult truth to understand. The result is that boys and men become imprisoned by masculinity, and it’s understood to be obligatory for most men at some point in their lives, usually when they are children. This is deeply damaging to their development and ability to have relationships with others.

In fact, too many men are harmed by masculinity, suffering from poor physical health, shorter lives, depression, substance abuse, difficulty in recovering and growing from trauma, and, most tragically, suicide—all as a result of ______ (1 word missing) to masculine norms . New efforts to help boys and men find new ways to be in the world are needed, to both address urgent social problems and to help the men themselves and their families.

Despite the prevalence of sexism and the challenges women still face, ironically, girls and women have benefited from many decades of conversation about how to navigate their gender in a changing world. Similar discussions are urgently needed for boys and men. What we need to learn —and teach our children—is how to be a man without masculinity.

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