[Best Pick] Is Your Phone Making You Lonelier?

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Loneliness has skyrocketed in the past few years. According to a recent Cigna study, over 3 in 5 Americans are lonely. “Yes, but why?” you may be asking. Is it our phones and devices, or other societal changes, such as increasing economic, political, and social discord and division?

1. Experimental results

One randomized controlled trial assigned otherwise similar individuals to either spend more or less time on their screens, while another simply monitored screen use over time in a random set of individuals. Both studies found that more screen time causes increased loneliness, depression and anxiety, and less emotional connection with others.

2. Tracking Survey

The researchers provided free computers, Internet access, and a phone line to ninety-three families in Pittsburgh. They subsequently tracked the activities and emotional states of every family member over ten years old who was interested in joining the study (169 people in total) for two years.

The researchers found that the more time these individuals spent online, the less time they spent in person with family members and friends—and the lonelier and more depressed they became.

3. How to improve this situation?

To turn this dynamic around, start using your phone as … a phone. Call the people you care about and share how you are each navigating these challenging times. Turn your video off periodically on Zoom calls—and encourage others to do the same to reshape the new videoconferencing norms—to reduce Zoom fatigue and increase your creativity. In all ways large and small, develop strategies personalized to the daily rhythm of your life so you can spend less time gazing at a screen and more time looking into the eyes of and communicating meaningfully with the people who matter to you.


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  • We should be the friend of phone not worker

    Meance worker do everything but friend’s never do everything thay enjoy meance worker always work day and night but we meet friend’s some time meance only on school or tution am I right now I will be the friend of phone

  • I can understand little , because i know little bit of english .but i can understand 🥰

  • It’s good to talk about it, but it would be better for all humans to open their eyes and see what it’s like to live life for real, I think there’s a lot of materialism in people this is negative, we should all think intelligently about how to take advantage of things that exist on the planet, but this is not just our fault, the government lies and so we are rotting together, if the world were that good thing to live it would never be like that in any corner, it saddens me to discover so much that could be resolved in just a few conversations, but some think it’s too late, never give up on being who you are there is still time for everything to be resolved thanks good night.

  • I agree with the research, I am rarely using video conference, as well as video clips. I’m absent of social media, I prefer to have friends in life, not in facebook. On the other hand I’m spending a lot of time to find bargains to buy and solving Sudoku!
    At the end, nobody is perfect but you have to try & resist, for better life.

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