[Word-ology] Subvert=Sub+Vert

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Before today’s learning, let’s check the answers to the last episode.

digress=di-[apart]+gress-[step, move]
Definition: to move away from the main subject you are writing or talking about

regress=re-[back]+gress-[step, move]
Definition: to return to a previous and less advanced or worse state

Today we will learn the new etymon “vert“, it means “turn” and is used in many words. Let’s see the word “subvert” together.

In the word “subvert“, “sub” means “under” and “vert” means “turn“. Combining this two parts we can deduce that “subvert” means “to destroy completely or cause the downfall“.

In Oxford Advanced Learning Dictionary, “subvert” means “try to destroy the authority of a political, religious, etc. system by attacking it secretly or indirectly “, which is highly similar to what we’ve deduced.

Here’s an example to use “subvert“:
An organization has ways to deal with employees who subvert the team.

Now it’s your time to figure out the meanings of the following words!


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