[Phrases] It Never Rains But It Pours

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Literally, the meaning of this phrase is that either it will not rain or it will rain heavily.

The actual meaning is that “when one bad thing happens, followed by a lot of other bad things that make a bad situation worse”.

There are some other interesting phrases about “rain”. Follow me to learn about them!

1. take a rain check

Used to tell someone that you cannot accept an invitation now, but would like to do so at a later time.

Mind if I take a rain check on that drink? I have to work late tonight.

I have an important appointment with our customer tonight. can I take a rain check?

2. raining cats and dogs

It means raining heavily.

We’d better stay home when it’s raining cats and dogs outside.

We’ll have to cancel the cricket match, it’s raining cats and dogs.

3. come rain or shine

No matter what the weather is.

He’s always working in his garden – come rain or shine.

Come rain or shine, you’ll always find him in the pub every Friday night.

4. rain on sb’s parade

To do something that spoils someone’s plans

I’m sorry to rain on your parade but you’re not allowed to have alcohol on the premises.

Mom really rained on our parade by chaperoning our school dance.

5. (as) right as rain

In good health or order

I have a broken foot, but once I get my cast off, the doctor says I’ll be as right as rain.

Feeling or working just as someone or something should

The project would be right as rain if we could just get the servers to stay online.

That’s all for [Phrases] today. Now try to make at least one sentence with the phrases that you like! That will help you to remember them.

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