[Word-ology] Concentrate=Con+Centr+Ate

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Definition: to remove sb, especially a ruler, from power


Definition: a sum of money that is paid into a bank account

The Latin root word centr means “center. Let’s spend the next few minutes concentrating on this important word root!

The word “concentrate” consists of three etyma: “con“, “centr” and “ate“. The prefix con- means “together“, and the suffix -ate is a mark of the verb, which means “make to do“.

When we concentrate our minds or our efforts on doing sth, we try to “center together” our minds or our efforts on it. Then you can give all your attention to this and not think about anything else.


When an earthquake strikes, it can be felt in a very wide area. Each earthquake, however, has a spot from which it originates, called the epicenter of the quake, or its very “center“.

Now it’s your time to figure out the meanings of the following words!

egocentric=ego-[I, myself]+centr-[center]+ic-[characterized by, like]

Example: He was egocentric, a man who expected those around him to serve him.

eccentric=ec-[out of, off]+centr-[center]+ic-[characterized by, like]

Example: Some of his behaviour would seem eccentric in normal circumstances.

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