[Phrases] 9 Phrasal Verbs About ‘Turn’

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Turn on, turn off, turn over, turn around, turn out…Maybe you’ve heard these phrases before but weren’t sure what they meant. And be careful: phrasal verbs usually or almost always have more than one meaning. Today we are going to learn some phrasal verbs with the verb ‘turn’.

1. turn on

  • to cause (a machine) to start operating by pulling a switch, pushing a button, etc.

Example: to turn the oven on before preparing food

  • to make someone feel more sexually excited

Example: Her body turned him on.


2. turn off

  • to cause (a machine) to stop operating by pulling a switch, pushing a button, etc.

Example: He turned the car off and pulled out the key.

  • to make someone lose interest or to disgust someone

Example: What turns teenagers off science?

3. turn up

  • to suddenly appear in a place without anyone expecting it

Example: A stranger turned up at the party.

  • (of an object) to be found without looking for it

Example: My keys turned up – they were under the sofa.

  • to increase the amount of sound, heat, or power

Example: Can you turn up the TV?


4. turn over

  • to be moved so that the top part is now facing downward

Example: She picked up the envelope and turned it over curiously.

  • to think carefully about something

Example: I’ve been turning the idea over in my mind.

  • to transfer something to someone

Example: I would have to turn the evidence over to the police.


5. turn around

  • to change position so that you face another direction

Example: Turn around and let me look at your back.

  • to make something such as a business become successful, after being unsuccessful for a period of time.

Example: Turning the company around won’t be easy.

6. turn in

  • to give sth to sb in authority

Example: I haven’t even turned in Monday’s homework yet.

  • to go to bed, especially because you are tired

Example: I think I’ll turn in now.


7. turn to

  • to become something

Example: Be very careful not to overcook them or they will turn to mush.

  • to go to someone or something for help or advice

Example: In times of crisis I know which friends I can turn to.

  • to start to think about or do something

Example: to turn to reading books when the Internet is down


8. turn out

  • to be present at an event

Example: A vast crowd turned out to watch the procession.

  • to develop or end in a particular way

Example: Despite our worries everything turned out well.

  • to be discovered to be; to prove to be

Example: The job turned out to be harder than we thought.

9. turn away

  • to refuse to allow sb to enter a place

Example: They had nowhere to stay so I couldn’t turn them away.

That’s all for [Phrases] today. Now try to make at least one sentence with the phrases above! That will help you to remember them.

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