[Grammar] Worth VS Worthy

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When we want to express that something deserves people’s attention, which word is correct? “Worth” or “worthy”?

In today’s  [Grammar] we are going to explain the difference between “worth” and “worthy”. Let’s go!

Let’s go!

1. Worth

“Worth” is both an adjective and a noun.  As an adjective, “worth” means “having a value in money, etc”, followed by a noun, pronoun or the -ing form of a verb:

Our house is worth abot 100000 dollars.

“Worth” also means “important, good, useful or enjoyable”:

The museum is certainly worth a visit.

It’s worth making an appointment before you go.

Collocations:  worth sth/doing sth

2. Worthy

“Worthy” means “having the qualities that deserve sb/sth (respect, attention, etc.)”:

A number of the report’s findings are worthy of note.

“Worthy of sb/sth” also means “typical of what a particular person or thing might do, give, etc”:

He gave a speech that was worthy of Martin Luther King.

“Worthy”  as a noun means “an important person”:

Local worthies attended the meeting.

Attention: “Worth” can not be used before a noun but  “worthy” can:

The money we raise will be going to a very worthy cause.

Not: …worth cause.

Collocations:  worthy of sb/sth

                            worthy to do sth

Have you already known the difference between  “worth” and “worthy”? Don’t worry, we prepare a quiz for you👇it is time to show yourself!



#1. Doctors during the pandemic are ______ our respect.

#2. Global warming is ______ of attention across the world.



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