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When you are in a loving relationship, it is very likely that you have quarrels with your partner. Do you feel troubled because you don’t know how t deal with your partner’s anger? If you want to know more, just follow us in today’s [Listening].

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You’re closest to the fire and hurt most often, even though it’s not about you. Try these ways to ______ (1 word missing) the effects of your partner’s anger on both of you.

STEP 1: Pay attention, listen, and try to understand – but not to excuse – your partner’s problem. Learn what you can about the source of the anger. This will also help to defuse an escalation.

STEP 2: Ask yourself how you’ve handled your partner’s anger in the past. Did you hide, become combative, habitually deny, or fearfully run? Change your response to interrupt your partner’s patterns.

STEP 3: Protect your ______ (1 word missing) in all matters, without indulging the urge to be defensive or retaliatory. Talk to friends or a trusted professional to gauge whether you are in danger. If you ever feel your safety is threatened, leave immediately.

STEP 4: Define rules of engagement: no harsh or insulting statements, no blaming, and no discussion until the partner can be calm.

STEP 5: Breathe slowly without saying anything. _______ (3 words missing) but relax, and remind yourself that this is not about you.

STEP 6: Acknowledge verbally that you see they are angry, without necessarily needing to understand or agree. They have a right to their feelings, as long as they are not threatening you.

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