[Word For Today] Scent

Hey guys, welcome back to [Word For Today]!

Today we are gonna learn the word scent.


1. [n.] the pleasant smell sth has

The air was filled with the scent of wild flowers.

2. [n.] the smell a person or animal leaves behind

The dog is on the scent of the criminal.

3. [n.] a liquid with a pleasant smell that you wear on your skin

She dabbed some scent on her neck.

4. [n.] the feeling that sth is present or is going to happen very soon

The scent of victory was in the air.

5. [v.] to find sth by using the sense of smell

The dog scented a rabbit.

6. [v.] to begin to feel that sth exists or is about to happen

The press could scent a scandal.

7. [v.] to give sth a particular, pleasant smell

Roses scented the night air.

So that’s for today’s word “scent”. Try to make as many sentences as possible and share it with everybody in our comments below. See you next time!



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