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Both “if” and “whether” are used in reporting questions which expect “yes” or “no” as the answer. But what’s the difference between “if” and “whether”?

In today’s  [Grammar] we are going to explain the difference between “if” and “whether”. Let’s go!

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1. If and whether: Formal VS Informal

✨We can use “if” or “whether” to report indirect yes-no questions and questions with or. “If” is more common than “whether”:

Call the bakeries around town and find out if any of them sell raspberry pies.

✨”Whether” is used in more formal contexts: 

The teachers will be asked whether they would recommend the book to their classes.

2. Collocation

🙌To express an alternative, we can use “or not” with “if” and “whether”. With “whether”, we can use “or not” immediately after “whether” or in end position. With “if “, we use “or not” in end position only:

I called Bill to find out whether or not he really did go to Afghanistan.

Or: I called Bill to find out whether he really did go to Afghanistan or not.

I called Bill to find out if he really did go to Afghanistan or not.

🙌We use “whether” and not “if ” before a to-infinitive, often when we’re referring to future plans or decisions:

I was wondering whether to go for a swim.

I was wondering if to go for a swim.

🙌We use “whether” and not “if ” after prepositions:

We’re not interested in whether we get great jobs and that kind of thing, we just want to have a good time.

 We’re not interested in if we get great jobs and that kind of thing …

Have you already known the difference between  “if” and “whether”? Don’t worry, we prepare a quiz for you👇it is time to show yourself!



#1. ______ or not the project can be a success depends on the effort of every one of us.

#2. I'm wondering ______ to visit my friend or not.



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