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It is very likely that you feel bored in a relationship after your feeling of affection is no longer that strong. In this case, it is very important to refresh your love to avoid further deterioration. But, How?

Here are some tips to keep your love fresh. Follow us in today’s Best Pick. 

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1. Compliment as often as you criticize

Never underestimate the power of compliments. Simply saying “you are beautiful, smart, kind” or whatever boosts your relationship a lot. Of course, the compliments need to be true—if you make up things, or say things you don’t really believe, it’s going to sound false. Also, don’t expect your partner to suddenly start complimenting you in return.

2. Show that you care about your partner by taking care of yourself

This might sound a bit confusing, but you probably clean yourself up and maybe even dress a little (at least your top half, right?) for your virtual work meetings or chats with friends. If you don’t take care of your personal grooming when it’s just you and your partner, you are sending them the message that they’re not important enough for you to clean up for.


3. Do something fun together

Play cards or a game, develop a scavenger hunt (a game in which players have to find various objects), or just go for a walk. Keep it light so that you can both enjoy yourselves. Remember what that was like?

4. Cuddle, without sex

Touching in ways that feel good to you both, without turning it sexual, can go a long way toward reminding you both that you are safe with one another, and that you can make each other feel good in simple, undemanding ways.

5. Organize a romantic evening


Life needs freshness, so is love. Probably the longer we are in a loving relationship, the more we forget the feeling of romance. Randomly organizing a romantic evening to stay alone with your partner is a good way to remind each other of the feeling of romance. You can just make a special dinner. Hold hands. Talk about good things—things you like about each other, things you’ve done together in the past that you’d like to remember or maybe hope to do again.

6. Remember that disagreements are part of any healthy relationship

Disagreement is normality in any relationship. The goal is not to stop them altogether. The goal is to fight fair. We often leave some of the most important thoughts and feelings out when we are trying to resolve conflict. Some of those things have to do with what we actually like about one another.

Source: psychology today


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What are your good ways to keep your loving relationship fresh?

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  • Take time together and talk whatever you want to. Like talking heart to heart. Tell your partner about your day or just listen to her/him.

  • Awesome artical…. And i think its work when your partner is understandable….

  • That is a great article thanks for all information I broke up with my girlfriend because this reason which written in the article I hope do very well in the future

  • Be belived in your feelings
    Don’t silent tell your partner how much you love him,don’t be selfish, life and success relationships are based on sharing

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