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Before today’s learning, let’s check the answers to the last episode.

tractable=tract-[draw]+able-[adj. ,able]

Definition: capable of being easily led, taught, or controlled


Definition: a binding agreement between two or more persons or parties

The Latin root ag and its variant ig mean “do, act, drive“. Today, our mission is to learn these two roots, so let’s “do” it!

The adjective agile combines “ag” and “ile“. Here, “ile” is a mark of the adjective, which means “having the qualities of“. So an “agile” person is someone who “has the qualities of doing or acting“, in other words, this guy knows how to do things better, maybe because he or she is able to move easily or to think in an intelligent way. Employers like agile employees because they can skillfully work their way through all the things that need “doing“.


Besides, the word “agenda” also comes from this root. We always put things that need to be “done” on our daily agenda.

Now it’s your time to figure out the meanings of the following words!

agent=ag-[do, act, drive]+ent-[the person who does something]

Example: They worked with a travel agent to plan their vacation.

navigate=nav-[ship]+ig-[drive, steer]+ate-[v.]

Example: For thousands of years, sailors navigated by the stars.

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