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Before today’s learning, let’s check the answers to the last episode.

1. oligarchy=olig-[few, little]+arch-[rule]+y-[n. state]

Definition: “rule” by a small group of powerful people

2. anarchy=an-[not, without]+arch-[rule]+y-[n. state]

Definition: a system where there is no “rule”

Today, we are going to learn a new etymon tract‘ with the word abstract. The etymontract means draw” and it is an important component in many words!

8.07 Word-ology 副本

The word consists of two meaningful etyma. The first “abs” means “away” and the second “tract” means ”draw”. By combining them together, we can easily deduce that the meaning of the word “abstract” is “draw (some common features) away from specific entities”.

And in Oxford Advanced Learning Dictionary, “abstract” means “existing in thought or as an idea but not having a physical reality , which is highly similar to what we’ve deduced.

Here’s an example to use “abstract“:

We may talk of beautiful things but beauty itself is abstract.

Now it’s your time to figure out the meanings of the following words!

tractable=tract-[draw]+able-[adj. ,able]


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