[Phrases] Who Is The Cheese-Eater?

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Cheese! Cheese is a dairy product that comes in hundreds of different textures and flavors, and there is definitely one that you like.  In today’s [Phrases], we will share with you idiomatic expressions about cheese.


1. cheese-eater

One who is regarded as a traitor. “Cheese” alludes to rats eating cheese, playing on the definition of “rat” meaning “traitor.”

The gang was determined to find the cheese-eater who told the police about their illegal activities.

2. tough cheese

A phrase used when one is unsympathetic to someone who has suffered a hardship.

If you slept through your alarm because you stayed up half the night, tough cheese!

3. big cheese

An important, successful, or influential person.

Jacob thinks he’s a big cheese now that he’s been promoted to assistant manager.

I’m the big cheese around here, so you have to do what I say.


4. cheese off

To anger or irritate someone.

I don’t think I said anything to cheese him off, so I’m not sure why he’s so mad.

5. chalk and cheese

To emphasize that two people or things are very different from one another.

Good luck getting those two to talk to each other—they’re like chalk and cheese.

Please make some sentences with the phrases we just mentioned by yourself!

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  • Cheese eater
    Tough cheese. Hard time

    Big cheese. important
    Cheese off irritate someone
    Chalk and cheese Different from one another

  • Tough cheese!! 😓Is my fault he cheese off with me.😞
    I will do wherever you want because you are the Big Cheese.

  • Siya is just a monitor but she thinks that she is a big cheese
    Shani and shahi never be in relationship because they’re chalk and cheese

  • I dont think so waht I did to make him cheese off but I can totally remember that I hadn’t done anything wrong ❌
    It’s bit of much to me 🙂😟😕

  • Karim cheese off the big cheese in the office by inviting Rahim who is a cheese-eater. Though rahim and karim are like chalk and cheese, Karim is a tough cheese.

  • I have had a friend who was cheese – eater i think. He come from different country. First I met him, we were like cheese and chalk. He was around me every dad. He was kind and cared to me. He had never to make cheese me off. But after what he did to me. I know he’s just a tough cheese who come because a big cheese status of someone.

  • You are the big cheese here, it happens to be my favorite kind, can i bite you a little bit?

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