[Grammar] Distinct Or Distinctive?

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DIstinct Vs. DIstinctive

Can you tell the difference between distinct and distinctive? Though they are related, they have different meanings of their own. In today’s [Grammar], we will look into the two words and see how to use them correctly.

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1. distinct

Something that is distinct can clearly be seen, heard, smelled, etc.

The outline of the ship became more distinct.

Or it means something separate and different in a way that is clear.

They were classified into two distinct groups.

2. distinctive

The adjective distinctive means having a quality that makes a person or thing easily recognizable and noticeably different from others of the same type.

Good visuals and diagrams are the magazine’s most distinctive features.

She’s got a very distinctive voice.

Distinct means easily separable or discrete, but distinctive is used to describe a unique feature or quality belonging to one person or thing. Often, distinct is used to describe two or more items or groups.

That’s all for today’s [Grammar]. We’ve also prepared a quiz for you👇

#1. His own _____ness was always evident at school.

#2. The shell has a highly _____ pattern.

#3. There are four _____ types.




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