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As the future of TikTok glooms, Facebook grasps the chance to release its TikTok rival Instagram Reels to lure users from TikTok. Will Instagram Reels be successful?

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Instagram launched its short-form video feature, Reels, broadly on Wednesday, in an effort to compete with the rapidly-growing TikTok.

Reels allows users to record and edit short-form videos with audio and music soundtracks — akin to what users already do on TikTok. Facebook first started testing Reels with users in Brazil in November, before _______ (2 words missing) in the last few months to more than 50 countries such as France, Germany, and India.

The debut of Instagram’s Reels in the US comes as fears spike over TikTok’s future in US, as the Trump administration _______ (1 word missing) to ban TikTok nationwide. Although the path to a ban is not clear, TikTok’s US users are already panicking and looking for alternatives to the platform in preparation. Since early July, TikTok users have been posting videos urging viewers to follow them to other platforms like Instagram, reflecting the threat of a TikTok ban.

In just a few years of its existence, TikTok has become a ______ (1 word missing) of internet culture and social interaction for Generation Z. TikTok is very easy to use and part of its appeal is that you’re able to sit back and scroll endlessly with just swipes, without the need to follow anyone or post anything.

The app has more than 2.3 billion all-time downloads, thanks to its flurry of short-form videos where users participate in viral challenges, lip sync and dance to music, show off comedic skits, and share their hot takes on society at large.

Particularly in the US, where TikTok debuted in 2018, it’s become a social media powerhouse — the app now has more than 100 million American users. It regularly outperforms US-based apps that have attracted younger audiences — including Instagram.

Facebook’s first attempt at competing with TikTok was a failure. The company launched an app called Lasso in November 2018, but it failed to gain traction. For Reels to succeed, Facebook will have to lure video creators away from TikTok. This might be easier to do with Reels since many creators are already on Instagram. In response to published reports that Instagram is paying TikTok ______ (1 word missing) to join Reels.

Source: NPR; business insider; CNBC; Politico

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