[Phrases] Cat Got Your Tongue?

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It’s obvious that it would be difficult to speak if a cat did get your tongue!

We often use this expression when we expect someone to say something but he or she is not responding to us. The full idiom would be “Has the cat got your tongue?” However, it is mostly used in the forms “Cat got your tongue?” or “Cat’s got your tongue?”

“What’s the matter” or “what’s wrong” is also often used at the beginning of the expression. For example, you didn’t say a word to your family because something is bothering you, and your parents might say: “You’ve been unusually quiet tonight, what’s the matter? Cat got your tongue?”


Today, we have prepared for you some interesting phrases about ‘cat’, let’s go!

1. fat cat

someone who has a lot of money, especially someone who is paid too much for their job

His co-workers view him as a fat cat who earns higher salaries but works less.

Political fat cats usually make decisions without regard for the common people.

2. fight like cat and dog

to fight or argue very often

My brother and I were very close in age and we used to fight like cat and dog.

They fight like cat and dog, but they are really very fond of each other.

3. like the cat that got the cream

used to say that someone looks very proud or satisfied about something he or she has done

After pointing out his teacher’s mistake, he smiled like the cat that got the cream.

He looked like the cat that got the cream as he heard the good news.


4. sling the cat

to empty one’s stomach; to vomit

He was slinging the cat after a night of drinking.

That stuff will make you sling the cat.

5. like herding cats

used to say that trying to control or organize many different groups or people is very difficult

It’s like herding cats trying to manage all these different teams.

Getting all of the family members into their right places for the reunion photo was like herding cats!

6. When the cat’s away, the mice will play.

when the person who is in charge of a place is not there, people will do as they want, especially in breaking rules

Teacher: I left the classroom for five minutes and when I returned it was chaos. Ugh, when the cat’s away, the mice will play.

Please make some sentences with the phrases we just mentioned by yourself!

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  • I spent my pregnancy slinging the cat.
    After he got the full mark he was like a cat that got the cream .
    The teacher was trying to put all the students in their right places but it was like herding cats!
    This fat cat guy earn 100000$ monthly

    • Very funny and interesting. Thank you soo much for such valuable words

  • Thank you for valuable words in English to learn how to improve phrases

  • I think it is the best site ever i have visited ..
    So thankful to the person who made speaking and learning english so easy for us.. i m so very thankful❤

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