[Grammar] Safety Or Security?

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Safety Or security

Safety and security are two different words that are used in a similar way in many languages, but to use them correctly, we need to look at their differences. In today’s [Grammar], we will share with you the right way to use the two words.

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1. safety

The term safety is used to refer to the condition of being protected from the aspects that are likely to cause harm. Generally, safety is about preventing random accidents.

The safety belt will protect you from a car crash.

The refugees were groping their way through the dark, trying to reach safety.

For safety, always climb with a partner.

2. security

The term security is generally about preventing bad guys from doing bad things that are already being planned.

The trial was held under tight security.

We need to go through the security check at the airport before boarding the plane.

The visit took place amidst tight security.

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#1. Extra lighting would improve road _____ in this area.

#2. The prison was ordered to tighten _____ after a prisoner escaped yesterday.

#3. A large number of homes lack adequate _____ measures.




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