[Phrases] Doctors Make The Worst Patients

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I believe for most kids, and even some adults, going to the doctor is the most terrifying thing.  But I promise that phrases about doctors are not even close to terrifying. In today’s [Phrases], we will learn some idiomatic expressions about “doctor”!


1. doctors make the worst patients

It is difficult to give people help or advice on something in which they are professionals, because they often feel as though they already know better than anyone else how to handle the situation.

Mary tried to convince her boss at the bank to see a credit advisor about his growing debt, but he kept insisting that he knew how to manage his money. Doctors make the worst patients.

2. horse doctor

(rude) A physician who is regarded as poor or inept.

You better get a second opinion on your condition because Dr. Jones strikes me as a horse doctor.

3. spin doctor

One who manipulates information, often by attempting to present negative news as being somehow positive.

The campaign’s spin doctors somehow made the candidate’s poor performance in the debate look like a sign that he was the more relatable candidate.


4. just what the doctor ordered

exactly what is required, especially for health or comfort

That meal was delicious, Bob. Just what the doctor ordered.

5. doctor up

To falsify or change something in such a way as to make it favorable.

The corrupt lawyer doctored up the evidence.

I doctored the photo up to make myself look younger.

Please make some sentences with the phrases we just mentioned by yourself!

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  • 1.Whenever i try to teach my brother something he just acts like a doctor’s make the worst patient.
    2.whenever i got hurt my father acts like a horse doctor.
    3.teachers on teacher’s day acts like spin doctor.
    4.the project is perfect,just what the doctor ordered.
    5.my sister always doctor’s up her mistakes.

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