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An Indian court has summoned the Chinese E-commerce giant Alibaba and its founder Jack Ma. The case arises from the contradiction between Alibaba and its former UC Web employee Pushpendra Singh Parmar.

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An Indian court has summoned Alibaba and its founder Jack Ma in a case in which a former employee in India says he was _______ (1 word missing) fired after objecting to what he saw as censorship and fake news on company apps.

The case comes weeks after India cited security concerns in banning Alibaba’s UC News, UC Browser and 57 other Chinese apps after a ________ (2 words missing)  between the two countries’ forces.

In court filings dated July 20 but not previously reported, the former employee of Alibaba’s UC Web, Pushpandra Singh Parmar, alleges the company had censored content seen as unfavourable to China, and its apps UC Browser and UC News showcased false news “to cause social and political _______ (1 word missing)“.

The court case is the latest hurdle for Alibaba in India after the Indian government’s app ban, following which UC Web has started laying off some staff in India.

Before the apps were banned, the UC Browser had been downloaded at least 689 million times in India, while UC News had 79.8 million downloads, most during 2017 and 2018.

India has said it banned the 59 apps after it received “credible inputs” that such apps posed a threat to India’s sovereignty. Its IT minister said the decision was taken to ________ (1 word missing) citizens’ data and public order.

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