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“All” and “whole” refer to a total number or complete set of things in a group. But what’s the difference between them? 

In today’s  [Grammar] we are going to explain the difference between “all” and “whole”. Let’s go!

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1. Difference In Collocation

Compare the following sentences. Can you find some difference?

All the cast had food poisoning. They were forced to cancel the show.

The whole cast had food poisoning. They were forced to cancel the show.

All my family lives abroad.

My whole family lives abroad.

🤞Conclusion: 👉all + determiner + noun

                            👉determiner + whole + noun

2. Difference In Single Or Plural Entities

We use “the whole” or “the whole of” to refer to complete single things and events that are countable and defined:

The whole (of the) performance was disappointing from start to finish.

But, When we can split up a thing into parts, we can use either “whole” or “all” with the same meaning:

You don’t have to pay the whole (of the) bill at once.

You don’t have to pay all (of) the bill at once.

We use “all the” or “all of the” with uncountable nouns or plural nouns:

She was given all the advice she needed.

Not: She was given the whole advice

It’s funny when all (of) the actors come in dressed up in their costumes.

But when we use “whole” with plural nouns, it means ‘complete’ or ‘entire’.

Whole families normally shared one room in the nineteenth century. ⇒ entire family

🤞Conclusion: 👉the whole (of) + single countable nouns

                            👉all (of) the + uncountable nouns/plural countable nouns

Have you already known the difference between  “all” and “whole”? Don’t worry, we prepare a quiz for you👇it is time to show yourself!



#1. She ate a _____ bar of chocolate in one bite.

#2. You have to try _____ of the choices.



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