[Phrases] Can You Beat The Clock?

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“Can you beat the clock?” If people ask you this, they don’t really want you to beat the clock. To beat the clock means to do or finish something quickly before a particular time. For example, the teacher uses a timer and ask the student to beat the clock. The term comes from sports games in which players have to compete within a certain time limit.


Today we’re going to talk about some phrases about “clock”. Time is precious, let’s go!

1. a race against the clock

A situation in which someone has to do something very quickly because there is not much time

It was a race against the clock to finish the job on time.

It’s a real race against the clock to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.

2. around/round the clock

If you do something round the clock or around the clock, you do it all day and all night without stopping

They’re working around the clock to get it done.

Doctors and nurses worked round the clock to help those injured in the car crash.

3. body clock

Your body’s natural need to sleep, eat, etc. at particular times

I can’t sleep, my body clock is still on Pacific time.

It takes a while for my body clock to get adjusted when I fly from New York to London.


4. put/turn the clock back

To return to a time in the past

If we could turn the clock back, would you actually change anything?

He wants to turn the clock back to the 1950s.

5. clock-watcher

Someone who repeatedly looks to see what time it is in order to see how much longer they have to work or study

She was not a clock-watcher and often stayed behind to finish jobs.

People who don’t like their jobs can turn into clock watchers.

6. clean someone’s clock

To defeat someone decisively

If you don’t shut your mouth, I’ll clean your clock.

He’s much bigger than you and could easily clean your clock.

Please make some sentences with the phrases we just mentioned by yourself!

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