[Word For Today] Prejudice

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Today we are gonna learn the word prejudice.

prejudice _ˈprɛdʒʊdɪs_

Translations of prejudice in different languages:

prejudice _ˈprɛdʒʊdɪs_1

1. [n.] strong and unreasonable feelings which make you like some things but not others

Interviewers are often influenced too much by their personal prejudices.

2. [n.] an unreasonable dislike and distrust of people who are different from you in some way, especially because of their race, sex, religion, etc.

Women still face prejudice in the workplace.

It takes a long time to overcome these kinds of prejudices.

Asian pupils complained of racial prejudice at the school.

3. [v.] to have a bad effect on the future success or situation of someone or something

A criminal record will prejudice your chances of getting a job.

He refused to comment, saying he did not wish to prejudice the outcome of the talks.

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