[Word For Today] Unearth

Hey guys, welcome back to [Word For Today]!

Today we are gonna learn the word unearth.

unearth (1)

Let’s go!

1. [v.] to find sth in the ground by digging

Archeologists have unearthed a female body.

Many unearthed cultural relics are being displayed in the museum.

2. [v.] to find or discover sth by chance or after searching it

I unearthed my old diaries when we moved house.

The entertainment newspaper has unearthed a love affair of the famous star.

So that’s for today’s word “unearth”. Do you know how to use it? Try to make as many sentences as possible and share it with everybody in our comments below. See you next time!



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  • Suggestion: If you provide the pronunciation of the words it would be great. Thank you!
    1] Me and my brother used to hide our toys under the mud and then after some days we unearthed them as hidden treasures. This was our favourite game when we were kids.
    2] I unearthed my lost watch when we cleaned our home.

    • जब मैंने अपनी कलम खोज ली तो मैंने अपनी किताब का पता लगाया।

      • Or jb mujhe apni kitab milti to mene apna gyan paya

  • Me and my sister unearthed our childhood album when we moved new house

  • I unearthed
    some gold coins in my old house when mechanics were making a dig for wall.

  • The government was looking for treasures and they unearth the treasure sine 1910

  • Oh my gosh ! I unearthed this amazing site that taught me to use the world ‘unearth’

  • I unearth bottle in my rice field. The police unearth a clue of that murdee

  • I unearthed my childhood toys which was hidden in my previous house

  • After 5 years of studying, I could unearth that engineering doesn’t fit girls🙆🏼‍♀️

  • It happens very often to me that i unearths sth after searching it by hardwork

  • I’m very happy when i unearth the answer of question no 3 😍😍😍😍

  • My little nephew unearthed his toys while I was checking our store room

    Can I unearth my hidden strength through practice!

    I would like to play bury a thing and unearth later when I was a child.

    Nowadays I am beginning to become a lazy at my work. So I needed to unearth of me from the laziness otherwise I am a lost cause.

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