[Best Pick] 7 Beautiful Proverbs From Around The World

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What is a proverb? A proverb is a phrase or saying which contains wisdom, truth, experience, lessons, and advice concerning life and which has been handed down from generation to generation.

Today, we’ve collected for you some inspiring proverbs from countries all over the world. Scroll down and check them out!


So true: coffee and love are most delicious when they are still hot!


Mighty means “very strong and powerful”. The power of the written word is greater than the power of the real weapon, because it can change ideas, policies, and sometimes the world at large.


This Japanese proverb teaches us that perseverance is one of the most important virtues. Hardly anyone succeeds on their first try or even their secondโ€”you just have to keep on trying!


The main idea behind the saying is that it takes a whole community, and not just two parents, to bring up a child. Each person in this village will play a certain role and bring his or her own contributions to create a safe and healthy environment for the child to grow in.


If you do a good job, you donโ€™t need to talk about your achievements. Your work will speak for itselfโ€”more convincingly than any form of self-promotion.


An expression used to describe someone who is unable to understand a situation clearly because he/she is too involved in it.


Do not let yourself be attached to anything in this world especially with material things. Life in this world is only temporary, which will not last forever. A man who is rich must not be obsessed with money and become a slave of it. Just let your sense of adventure take you to the other side of the bridge.

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