[Word-ology] Intersection=Inter+Sect+Ion

πŸ’‘Time for [Word-ology] again, a column making English learning easier!πŸ’‘

Before today’s learning, let’s check the answers to theΒ last episode.

1. aspect=a-[to]+spect-[look]

Definition: the appearance of a place, a situation or a person

2. circumspect=circum-[around]+spect-[look]

Definition: look around to ensure everything is fine in case of accidents β†’ thinking very carefully about sth before doing it

The Latin root word sect means “cut. Today we will learn some English vocabulary derived from sect!

To form the word intersection, we first need to combine “inter” with “sect“. The prefix “inter-” means “between“, therefore to intersect is simply to “cut between“. If two lines intersect, they cross each other and cut each other into parts. And finally, the word “intersection” is just the noun form of the verb “intersect“.

But more commonly, “intersection” represents the place where lines meet or cross. There are intersections in roadways where one road β€œcuts” between and through another, coming together at a common point.


Have you ever wondered why “insect” is called “insect”? The word β€œinsect” originated from sect because it is a creature β€œcut” into three parts: the head, the thorax(middle part), and the abdomen(end part).

And “section” is a separate part “cutΒ from the whole, “a section of the book”, for example.

Now it’s your time to figure out the meanings of the following words!

bisect=bi-[in two]+sect-[cut]

Example: The new road will bisect the town.


Moving on to biology, sometimes beginning biology classes will have students perform a dissection of a dead animal such as a frog or worm for scientific research.

That’s all for [Word-ology] today!

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  • Dissect – cut a thing into several pieces
    Bisect – cut a thing into two equal parts

  • Fantastic. Thanks for availabling better education for us. See you.

  • Dissect-cut a thing into several pieces
    Bicept -cut a thing into two piece

  • 1]Bisect= bi[in two]+sect[cut]
    [Cut in two]
    I Bisected a chocolate bar and gave my two cousins a piece for each.
    2]dissect=dis[apart]+sect [cut]
    [Cut apart something from something]
    In my botony practical exam, I dissected a flower and sticked those parts in a parchment paper and identified them.
    This article is awesome. I loved it.

  • Bisect- cut into two parts
    Dissect- cut in to several parts

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