[Best Pick] How To Stay Cool In Heatwaves?

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This year is said to be the hottest in history and many of us are being scorched by the heatwave. Keeping cool becomes a priority of this summer. We used to keep cool in summer by drinking cold drinks, turning on a fan, opening the windows, and so on. But are these tips worth sticking to?

So today we are gonna take a look at the validity of these old tips for staying cool in summer. 

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1. Cold Drinks Or Hot Drinks?


Plenty of liquid is essential during summer days in order to stay hydrated. But there is debate over whether that drink should be ice-cold or hot. We tend to think that cold drinks are optimal for keeping cool in summer.

But, an experiment done by the team of Ollie Jay, associate professor in thermoregulatory physiology at the University of Ottawa,  has pointed out that hot drinks cooled the body more because they increased the sweat response.

Tips: Hot drinks will cool you faster – unless it’s extremely humid.

2. Get A Fan Or Not?


The breeze of a fan is indeed a great comfort for hot summer. In general, it’s thought that fans might work when the temperature is up to 35C (95F). Above that (some studies say at 37C (98.6F) or higher), blowing hot air across the body could increase convective heat gain, worsening the situation and leading to heat exhaustion. So if it’s exceptionally hot, fans might even increase dehydration.

Fans are less effective when it’s humid. Although the air is still moved around, it’s already laden with moisture, making it harder for the sweat to evaporate.

Tips: If it hits 37C, it’s probably best to keep the fan off.

3. Open Windows Or Not?


It is our intuition to open all the windows when it’s hot indoors. But during the heatwave, it may backfire.

You should only open the windows if the air outside is cooler than the air inside, which is most likely to happen at night. In really hot weather, you should close the windows during the day. Because there’s more shade indoors the air might even be cooler. Even if you can get a breeze to flow through your home or office, if it’s a hot breeze it won’t cool you down.

Tips: Close the windows when the air outside is hotter than indoor. 

4. Freezing Showers Or Lukewarm Showers?


Taking a freezing shower sounds like the best way to cool down our body temperature. But, on the contrary, our body will react to the sudden coldness by retaining enough heat.

Therefore, it’s better to use water in the 20s Celsius that is cool enough to lower the deep body temperature but is warm enough to allow the blood to the surface of the skin.

Tips: Lukewarm showers in the 20s Celsius are much better to keep cool than freezing showers.

Source: BBC 


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