[Grammar] Other, Others Or The Other?

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Before we begin today’s grammar, let’s first review the quiz in last Thursday’s [Grammar].

  1. ___Few____  students understood the question, so the teacher explained it agian. ⇒ The teacher explained the question again because students didn’t understand it.
  2. I recognized ___a few____ people in the party because I met them before. ⇒ “I met them before” suggests I recognized some familiar people in the party.


Some People are swimming in the sea, ___?__ are playing sand on the beach. (other; others; the other)

Do you know the answer to this question?  We know “other” means “extra”, but how about “the other”? Wait, why there is another one “others”? OMG!

In today’s  [Grammar] we are going to explain the difference between “other”, “others” and “the other”. Let’s go!

Let’s get started!

1. Other

Other” can mean ‘alternative’ or ‘different’, or it can mean ‘additional’. It is usually followed by an uncountable or plural noun.

I don’t like the red T-shirt. I like other ones.

I am afraid I can’t help you because I have other tasks to finish.

However, if we want to use “other” after a singular noun, we must add an additional determiner before “other”.

This car is not as good as my other car.

Not: This car is not as good as other car.

2. The Other

“The other” means the second of two things or people, or the remaining people or things in a group or set. It can be followed by a singular noun or plural nouns.

This dress is beautiful, but the other dress is more beautiful.

This dress is beautiful, but the other dresses are also beautiful.

“The other” can also be a pronoun, especially to refer back to something which has been mentioned already in the sentence.

He has two foreign friends. One is American, the other is Korean.

3. Others

“Others” as a pronoun refers to more than one people and thing. It can not be followed by a noun. 

Some students are practicing English in the classroom, others are playing games.

This dress is too small. Do you have any others?

Do you understand the difference between “other”, “others” and “the other”? We prepare a quiz for you👇it is time to show yourself!



#1. I have two sisters. One is a doctor, ______ is an English teacher.

#2. Thousands of people were dead in 911 and many ______ were severely hurt.



That’s all for today’s [Grammar]!!!


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