[Grammar] Company Or Accompany?

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company Or accompany (1)

Company is a related term of accompany. When used as verbs, they have similar meanings that are also confusing. Don’t worry, in today’s [Grammar], we will teach you the correct meaning and usage of these two words. πŸ˜‡

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1. company

when you are with other people and not alone

The two men enjoy each other’s company.

Rita’s husband is away for the week, so I thought I’d go over and keep her company.

2. accompany

to go somewhere with someone

Wherever her husband went, she would accompany him.

We could see from the above sentences that company must follow another verb, while accompany can appear on its own.

The second difference is that keep someone company indicates that you are spending time with others that they do not feel lonely or bored; while accompany simply means you go out with another person.

Here are two examples:

I accompanied my mother to the grocery store to help her carry packages home.Β 

I kept my grandma company so she wouldn’t feel all alone.

That’s all for today’s [Grammar]. We’ve also prepared a quiz for youπŸ‘‡

#1. I'll keep you _____ till the train comes.

#2. Would you like me to _____ you to your room?

#3. Ken just agreed to _____ me to Africa!




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