[Best Pick] Looks That Kill-The Most Dangerous Look On Earth

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Who is the most handsome guy you’ve ever met? Tom Cruise? Tom Hiddleston? Chris Evans? James McAvoy? I bet none of them match this one. 😝

F**king hot? So da*n gorgeous? These words are far from enough to describe how handsome this guy is. After all, he is literally lethally attractive, meaning anyone who dares to look at him in the eye will be accidentally killed! How on earth would that happen? Looks That Kill will give you the answer.


Max was born with a unique condition of being lethally attractive. His face accidentally hurt many people that he had to live with sunglasses and bandages all over his face to stop that. He cannot play with others, he cannot reveal his true self, and he grows more and more pathetic that he even wants to end his life. Until one day when he meets Alex, a girl with her own bizarre ailment who aids him on his quest of self-discovery, without accidentally killing anyone.

Wander how good looking Max is? Check the trailor and be careful not to faint upon seeing him.🀣

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