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Have you been following the match between England and West Indies recently? Today we’re going to learn how to describe in English the game of cricket, which is a very English sport. Some of the cricket terms are used in idioms in everyday life, even by people who don’t really know they are connected with cricket.

Let’s start!

First, to play the game, we need cricket bats and cricket balls.


Each cricket team has 11 players, and there’s a captain who’s in charge of the team. The game is played on a cricket field, and in the middle of it, there’s a smaller area called the “pitch“, which is a long, narrow piece of grass.


At each end of the pitch, a set of three sticks called “stumps” will be stuck into the ground with two small pieces of wood, called bails, sit on top of each set. These are the wickets.


There are 2 batsmen, one at each end of the pitch, and 1 bowler (from the other team). When bowling, the aim is to hit the wicket, while the batsman tries to defend it and hit the ball far away.

Then there are also “fielders“, they are from the same team as the bowler and are standing around the field. When the batsman hits the ball, they have to run after the ball and get it back as quickly as possible. And during this time, the two batsmen can run backwards and forwards on the pitch, scoring points, which are called “runs“. But if they hit the ball really far, and the ball rolls on the floor and hits the boundary, they can get 4 runs. If the ball passes the boundary while in the air, then they can get 6 runs. The spectators can see the scores on the scoreboard.


The batsmen are “in” when they are batting, but if they make a mistake, they can be “out“, which means they stop playing and have to be replaced by someone else. For example, if the ball hits the wicket and the bails fall off, the batsman will be “bowled out“; if one of the fielders catches the ball before it hits the ground, the batsman will be “caught out“.

In cricket, a single game in the traditional “Test match” format can take five full days to complete!

Idioms relating to cricket

to hit someone for six

As explained above, the batsmen can score 6 runs without doing any running, if they hit the ball and the ball goes really high and far away. So if you hit someone for six, you give them a big surprise, for example, someone buys you a car for your birthday present…

to do something off your own bat

It means to do something without anyone else telling you or asking you to do it, for example, I didn’t ask her to buy them a present – she did it off her own bat.

It’s just not cricket!

When you think someone’s behavior is not fair, honest or moral, you can say it’s not cricket, for example, it’s simply not cricket to flirt with another man’s wife.

Β Quiz Time

#1. Cricket is a sport which involves:

#2. What is the person who hits the ball called?

#3. If you do something off your own bat, what does that mean?



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