[Grammar] Pull Off VS Pull Out VS Pull Around

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Pull off pull out pull around

Pull is a very simple English word, but there are so many possible phrasal verbs consist of pull, and they all differ in meanings. In today’s [Grammar], we will share with you three phrasal verbs of pull.

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1. pull off

to carry out despite difficulties; accomplish successfully against odds

The goalkeeper pulled off six terrific saves.

to drive a car off a road in order to stop, or to turn into a smaller road

We pulled off the road to get some food.

to take off clothes, especially quickly

She pulled the dress off over her head.

2. pull out

to drive over to a different part of the road in order to get past a vehicle in front of you

I pulled out to overtake a bus.

to stop doing or being involved in something, or to make someone do this

They are trying to pull out of the agreement.

to get out of a bad situation or dangerous place, or to make someone or something do this

Jim saw that the firm was going to be ruined, so he pulled out.

3. pull around

to drag, haul, or force someone or something from place to place

Sean was so patient with the kids, letting them pull him around all day playing games in the back yard.

to gradually return to a state of good health, performance, or value after suffering a decline

Doctors were afraid she wouldn’t survive the night, but she’s starting to pull around, thank goodness.

That’s all for today’s [Grammar]. We’ve also prepared a quiz for youπŸ‘‡

#1. There's a homeless man in the neighborhood who pulls a shopping cart _____ collecting cans and bottles he can return for a deposit.

#2. The firm was pulling _____ of personal computer business.

#3. If you are feeling sleepy, pull _____ the road immediately and have a rest.




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  • What is pull over meaning ?
    How to use this word “pull over”?

    • I think it means to park the car especially when you’re in ataxi and want want him to stop in certain spot

  • Very nice good solution thank you so much 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • 1. We managed to pull off the outdoor concert despite the rain.

    We pulled off the road to ask an address.

    She hate the dress sp she pull it off.

    2. She is in a hurry,so she pulled out to obertake the truck.

    I am pull out of your group.

    We saw the bridge is going to be ruined so we pull out.

    Lena pull around the servant asking him on and on.

    We are happy that you start to pull around after the accident.

  • Cantains are so complex , I don’t understand . And u r copy everything to google , plz at least you give at own exam. I am indian and I boycott all chinese app , but I am uninstalling
    U dictionary becouse U dictionary is best app .

  • First choose i answered by sence sec and third i translated the sentence into arbic then i got it

  • It’s my first time that’s why I’m confused and I have done mistake in choosing the right answer …I can do better next time …now I have clearly understood it..thanks for taking like this exam ….πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—

  • It’s so easy to understand. I understood the lesson so I answered all. I appreciate your efforts

  • They pulled off the road to go to their fields.
    We should never pull out to overtake a vehicle at turning point.
    The man pulls around his barrow in the streets whole day to sell vegetables and get some money.
    My aunt is pulling out after a long suffering.

  • 1) Pull around ( the man dragging the cart for collecting bottles and cans)
    2) Pull out(Stop being involved in any kind of activity)
    3)Put off ( To move to a separate road of place)

  • 1) Pull around ( the man dragging the cart for collecting bottles and cans)

    2) Pull out ( Stop being involved in any kind of activity)

    3) Pull off ( To move to a separate road or place)

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