[Fun Time] The Weirdest Kinds Of Sports

Hey guys! It is [Fun Time] again!

As you may know, the West Indies cricket team are currently touring England to play three Test matches, and the 2019-20 Premier League season comes to a close, which will end on July 26. Are you following these matches? What’s your favorite sport? For today’s [Fun Time], we have found, among all kinds of sports, some very interesting (or weird?) ones.

Are you ready for this? Let’s have a look!


Racing on the tricycles: Well, that sounds pretty normal, but let me tell you, the main requirement of this racing is to be dressed in a very weird costume. Now things are starting to get interesting 🙂


Jumps in red clay: Wait What? How it became a sport? Anyway, people tend to enjoy those huge splashes LOL


Football in the bubbles: It is not easy to hit the target but it is funny to hit one another.


Frog races: I must say that jumping in a froggy style can really help you build muscles.


Races on ostriches: The interesting part is, the riders usually fall after a few meters and the ostriches will run to the finish line at the pace of 60 km per hour…


Kids’ rodeo: The little cowboys and cowgirls should ride a sheep and try to remain on the top of it as long as they can.


Tennis with a burning roll of toilet paper: A burning roll of paper? I just want to know who came up with this idea?

Source: deMilked

That’s all for [Fun Time] today! Did you have fun?

What kind of sports do you do often? Please comment below to let us know.

Have a nice weekend!


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    • I like sports very much but this is so strange I can’t thing about this also I am so scared but I think we should not be scared by these small things😀😀😤we should do all these sports without scaring💁💁👍

  • How can we consider that as a sport it’s just silly or funny people want to enjoy their time

  • Fun! fun is the thing who make our life enjoyable, happily, this wired game is incredible

  • I haven’t seen like this sports before but its interesting

  • I mostly play the online games it would be feeling happy and in this games we donot have to put physical stress as well as we can enjoy it simply

  • Not that strange games ,, yeah… a little difficult to play but gets lots fun

  • We have to play atleast only once like this sport…Very funny!!!

  • Actually would everyone love to share their sport here, oh it’s okay if you don’t want 🥰but I will share mine. 😁😁just cool down it’s not here I shared with that guy who send these pic he is my friend from at school time😊☺
    Now we are studying together in the college level 🥰☺☺😊

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