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When we fall in love with someone and start a relationship, we usually want to call each other differently. Besides doing some sweet things, you also want to verbalize* the love you feel for him/her. And for that, you need some cute nicknames to call your loved ones. Today, we have prepared for you plenty of terms of endearment*, feel free to browse through the list and find what you’re looking for.

  • verbalize: to express your feelings or ideas in words
  • endearment: a word or an expression that is used to show affection

Source: Her way; Flirt Savvy

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Cute names to call your girlfriend


Princess – One of the most romantic and cute names to call your girlfriend is definitely Princess. You may think this is old fashioned but it suits well with the girls who’ve always dreamed of having a fairy tale kind of love and romance.

My girl – When you are at the beginning of a new relationship, every girl is concerned about labeling things and how you’ll represent her to your friends and family. So when a girl hears you calling her ‘my girl’, it means more to hear than you might ever imagine.

Sweetheart – One of the cutest names to call your girlfriend is sweetheart. You’ve probably heard this nickname a thousand times but it is this popular for a reason.

Wifey – You need to be careful with this one because you won’t say ‘wifey’ to just any girl who comes into your life. No, you can only call a girl you really plan on spending the rest of your life with this name.

My lady – Every woman wants to be a lady for her man and when you call your girlfriend this name, she’ll see that you respect her. Besides, with this, you are applying as the role of her gentleman and this is definitely something that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Beautiful – When you are out of compliments for your girl, always go back to the basics and the classics. And calling her beautiful is one of those.

Little Monkey – It’s a naughty nickname to call your naughty girlfriend.

Boss – Cute nickname for a girlfriend or girl who always wants to take charge. When you call her ‘Boss’ and save her contact with the same name, the happiness she will be getting is just tremendous.

Smiley, Brainy, Brighty, Hottie, Cutie – You can also choose a name based on your girlfriend’s personality. Then all you need to do is to add a /i/ sound at the end of the word to create a feeling of intimacy.


Cute names to call your boyfriend


Silly – The best time to call a guy “silly” is when he says something funny, or when you’re both laughing. It actually makes him feel really good – In his mind, you’re complimenting his sense of humor.

Boy – Try greeting him with “Hey, boy!” or “Good to see you, boy!” It shows him that in your eyes, you see him as not just a friend, but a man who you could end up dating.

Big Guy – You feel good when an amazing guy really WANTS you, a guy feels good when a girl NEEDS him. When you call him “big guy”, he feels needed and important.

Captain – When you refer to him “captain”, it puts him in a leadership role. A great way to use it is at the start of a date. Try asking him “OK, captain. Where are you taking me?”

Champ – Calling a guy “champ” makes him feel trusted and respected. It’s also very unique. Instead of “cute”, guys like to be called special names that other girls don’t usually use, and calling him “champ” is a great example of this.

Monsieur – “Monsieur” means “Mister” in French. Make sure you pronounce it right before you start using it! Calling him “monsieur” frames you two as a couple in a subtle way. It shows you trust him and you’re comfortable with him.

Honey – It’s a nickname couples have called each other for hundreds of years. It’s a sweet name to call your loved one, and he will appreciate you even more when you start calling him with it.

Sunshine – If a guy always puts a smile on your face, calling him “sunshine” is the best way to show it. This name can be used both by girls and boys.

💡Final words for you: Make sure to choose a cute nickname that actually means something to both of you. It’s supposed to be a special thing that is just between the two of you. So don’t choose just any random thing. Make it special and meaningful. Show your love you really know his/her heart!

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