[Word For Today] Impose

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Today we are gonna learn the word impose.

Impose _ɪmˈpəʊz_

Translations of impose in different languages:

Impose _ɪmˈpəʊz_ (1)

1. [v.] to officially force a rule, tax, punishment, etc. to be obeyed or received

Very high taxes have recently been imposed on cigarettes.

Judges are imposing increasingly heavy fines for minor driving offences.

2. [v.] to force someone to have the same opinion, belief, etc as you

I wouldn’t impose my views on anyone.

3. [v.] to give someone something unpleasant to deal with

This new tax is imposing an unfair burden on employers.

4. [v.] to expect sb to do something for you or to spend time with you, when it may not be convenient for them

“You must stay for lunch.”

“Well, thanks, but I don’t want to impose…”

Practice: make a sentence with this word and leave your comments below.

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One Comment

  • Impose:-
    * I love you and you must love me back.
    *I’m going to buy some things, so you should definitely come along with me
    *I’m imposing on you to do my work daily.

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