[Word For Today] Concede

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Today we are gonna learn the word concede.

Concede _kənˈsiːd_

Translations of concede in different languages:

Concede _kənˈsiːd_ (1)

1. [v.] to admit something is true or correct, although you wish it were not true

I conceded that I had made a number of errors.

2. [v.] to admit that you are not going to win a game, argument, battle, etc.

The Georgian forces defended the capital but were finally obliged to concede.

In May 1949, Stalin concede defeat and reopened land access to Berlin.

3. [v.] to not be able to stop your opponent from getting a goal during a game

The team has conceded only 19 goals in 28 games.

4. [v.] to give something to someone as a right or privilege, often unwillingly

The King finally agreed to concede further powers to Parliament.

Finally the company conceded wage increases to theri workers.

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