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For many, young people, in particular, going to a pub and having several shots can be a perfect get-away from work, but for Arabella, that is the start of her misery. In today’s [Best Pick], we would like to introduce a newly released drama, I May Destroy You, a TV series exploring sexual consent in contemporary life.


Arabella is a Twitter-star-turned-novelist who found fame with her debut book and is publicly feted as a millennial icon. Whilst struggling to meet a deadline for her second book, she takes a break from work to meet up with friends on a night out in London. The following morning, she struggles to remember what happened to her and recalls her drink was spiked, and she became a victim of sexual assault…

Michaela Coel, who stars fro Arabella, has won plaudits from critics after the show made its debut on BBC One on June 20. It gets a 96% average Tomatometer in rotten tomatoes, and the reviews are largely positive.


The Guardian’s Lucy Mangan called the show a “breathtaking achievement”, and it could be the year’s best drama.

Her five-star review said: “This is going to be a rave review, because I May Destroy You is an astonishing, beautiful, thrilling series – a sexual consent drama if you want the one-line pitch, but so, so much more than that. It works on every level.

The Independent’s Isobel Lewis gave another five-star review.

She wrote: “No TV show has ever shown the complexities of sexual assault and how it affects survivors, their friends and their communities quite like this difficult, harrowing and hilarious drama.”

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