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At a time when in-person conversations are harder to come by, many people are choosing to express their thoughts about 🦠 with a practical mix of 😷 and 🛒. But perhaps no emoji has come to embody the hopes and fears of this unthinkable moment as much as 🙏.

The folded hands emoji has __________(2 words missing) in more tweets than ever before to help express our feelings about seemingly every aspect of a health crisis that can sometimes defy words. It’s used to give thanks to frontline workers, send prayers to loved ones and express gratitude for finding toilet paper on supermarket shelves.

The emoji, sometimes called prayer hands, was used 25% more often in April than in August, the last time that particular character was analyzed by Emojipedia, which tracks trends and __________(1 word missing) of emoji use on Twitter. That spike made it the eighth most popular emoji for the month — and __________ (1 word missing) its position as a visual emblem for how we feel during the pandemic.

As coronavirus cases ticked up and and lockdowns spread around the world, the way we communicate evolved quickly. Water-cooler conversations were replaced by Slack chats. Happy hours and birthday parties now unfold on Zoom. Phone calls made a comeback. And people are increasingly relying on emoji to express their thoughts and gestures to an audience they can no longer see in person.

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