[Grammar] Put In Vs. Put Out Vs. Put Down

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Phrasal verbs are easy to spell, but they can also be a difficult grammatical point of knowlege for many people. Because it is hard to remember their meanings and proper usages. In today’s [Grammar], we will shre with you there phrasal verbs, put in, put out, and put down, as well as how to use them in a sentence. Are you ready?

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1. put in

to include something, especially in a piece of writing or a broadcast

We put an ad in the paper to sell our car.

to offer something for consideration

She put in an application to the college.

to do work, make effort, or spend time

She’s put in a lot of effort on this proposal.

2. put out

to make a fire stop burning

The rescue services are still trying to put out the fires.

to put things where people can find and use them

The girls helped her to put out the cups and plates.

to make extra work or cause problems for someone

She won’t come to dinner tonight, she hopes it won’t put you out.

to switch off a light

Tara put the light out and went to sleep.


3. put down

to put something or someone that you are holding onto a surface

Put those heavy bags down for a minute.

to criticize someone and make them feel silly or stupid

I hate the way Dave puts me down the whole time.

to write something, especially a name or number, on a piece of paper 

Put down your name and address.

That’s all for today’s [Grammar]. We’ve also prepared a quiz for you👇



#1. Emma put her bag _____ and went upstairs.

#2. It would be lovely to stay with you, but I don't want to put you _____.

#3. They must have put _____ a lot of work to achieve such an interesting exhibition.



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