[Grammar] Can We Say “I’m Liking It”?

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All verbs in English are classified as either stative or action verbs (also referred to as ‘dynamic verbs’). Action verbs describe actions we take (things we do) or things that happen. Stative verbs refer to the way things ‘are’ – their appearance, state of being, smell, etc. The most important difference between stative and action verbs is that action verbs can be used in continuous tenses and stative verbs cannot be used in continuous tenses.


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1.  Action Verbs

  • study, work, have…

✔️ She’s studying math with Tom at the moment.
✔️ She studies math with Tom every Friday.
✔️ They’ve been working since seven o’clock this morning.
✔️ They worked for two hours yesterday afternoon.

2. Stative Verbs

  • be, hate, like, love, need, belong, believe, cost, get, impress…

The flowers smell lovely.
 Those flowers are smelling lovely.
She heard him speak in Seattle yesterday afternoon.
 She was hearing him speak in Seattle yesterday afternoon.

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3. More Stative Verbs Examples

  • Verbs Showing Thought or Opinions

Know – She knows the answer to the question.
Believe – Do you believe what he says every time?
Understand – I understand the situation very well.
Recognize – She recognizes him from high school.

  • Verbs Showing Emotion

Love – I love listening to classical music.
Hate – She hates to get up early every day.
Want – I want some help with my homework.
Need – I need some time with my friends.



#1. It ( ) bad in here. Did you fart?

#2. She ( ) an incredible talent for talking.



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