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Canva - Tigers Nest Monastery in Bhutan


Taktshang Goemba,situated 900 meters on a cliff overlooking the beautiful Paro valley, is the most famous temple in Bhutan.It is said that this temple was the original location where the Indian Guru Rinpoche meditated. He is considered the founder of the Tibetan Buddhism’s Ning-ma sect, one of the four major schools of Tibetan Buddhism. Thus he is one of the most respected gurus in Tibetan Buddhism.

According to the ancient stories, in the year 747, Guru Rinpoche flew on the back of a female tiger demon from Tibet to a cave in the Paro valley. He meditated for three months and afterwards was able to tame the demon which possessed the tiger. After the tiger had been tamed, the sanctuary at Taktshang Goemba (which translates into Tigers lair) was built and used for worship by Bhutanese adherent to Tibetan Buddhism. It is said that the Tigers liar can wipe off any sins that one has committed. Many people who visit for the first time will vomit for no apparent reason. The locals have come to call it “the excretion of sin and rebirth of a brand-new body”.

Although the site had been used for worship for many centuries, the temple complex was officially built only in 1692. However, on the night of April 19th, 1998, the temple caught fire and the many priceless artifacts and painting were destroyed. After the fire, the temple forbade tourists to visit and even those that worshiped Tibetan Buddhism were given limited access during the time of reconstruction. With the joint efforts of the Bhutan people and their government, the Tigers lair was rebuilt and reopened to the world in 2005.

The Tigers Nest is a temple living in tandem with scenery and art. The ancient cypress trees are dozens of meters high with hanging moss. A picturesque waterfall hangs in front of the mountain, the water dripping through the layers of rock as it falls to the valley several hundred feet below. Inside the Temple, each floor has a balcony that allows one to admire the beautiful Paro river scenery and to have a moment of quiet reflection.

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