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Today we are gonna learn the word trail.


Translations of trail in different languages:

Trail (1)

1. [n.] a long line or a series of marks that have been left by someone or something

The bus left a trail of black smoke behind it.

The typhoon left a trail of devastation.

2. [n.] a tough path across countryside or through a forest

The trail led over Boulder Pass before desccending to a lake.

3. [n.] a series of unpleasant situations or feelings that have been left by someone or something

He left a trail of broken hearts and broken promises.

4. [v.] to walk slowly, especially behind other people because you are tired or bored

Susie trailed along behind her parents.

We spent the afternoon trailing around the shops.

5. [v.] to follow someone by looking for signs that they have gone in a particular direction

Police trailed the gang for several days.

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