[Best Pick] Triangle: A Place You Will Never Get Away

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Can you imagine that the results of some things are predestined even if you try to change in the process? Everything you have done will just make you into another circle and the final end will not change. So today I will introduce a famous movie about this and I hope you will enjoy it.

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In high hopes of blowing off steam, the waitress and single mother, Jess, decides to go on a sailboat trip with friends. Before she arrives at the sailboat, she meets a taxi driver telling her is everything alright. She lies to the driver. Before long, a nightmarish storm is brewing–and just like that–their luxurious yacht is soon capsized by a massive wave. Now, helpless in the middle of the unforgiving ocean, Jess and the rest of the survivors board an eerily abandoned cruise ship, only to realize that they are trapped in the vessel’s maze-like corridors. More and more, as Jess experiences increasingly chilling incidents of dΓ©jΓ -vu, the feeling that they are being chased down by an invisible killer becomes a horrific reality. Is there an escape from madness?



”I’m just a driver… No point trying to save the boy, there’s nothing anyone can do to bring him back. So… Can I give you a ride?”

”[wakes Jess up] Hey. I’ll leave the meter running. You will come back, won’t you?”

”I feel like I know this place. I recognize this corridor.”

”You’ve got nothing to apologize for. What is it? Are you OK?”

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