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English learners are often confused by words with similar spelling. ‘Suit’ and ‘suite’ not only look similar, their meanings can also be connected in some way–they both refer to ‘a set of’ something. But ‘suit’ mainly refers to an outfit or costume; ‘suite’ refers to a set of rooms, furniture, a piece of music, and software. Another important thing to note is that, they have different pronunciation!

Now, let’s take a close look at their differences.


1. Suite


(1) a set of connected rooms, especially in a hotel

a hotel/private/honeymoon suite

a suite of rooms/offices

(2) a set of furniture for one room, of matching design and color

I’ve ordered a new three-piece suite for the living-room.

(3) a piece of music with several parts, usually all in the same key

What impressed me most on tonight’s concert is Stravinsky’s Firebird Suite.

(4) a set of related software (= computer program) products

a suite of software development tools


2. Suit

/suːt/ or /sjuːt/

(1) a set of clothes made of the same cloth, including a jacket and trousers/pants or a skirt

a business suit

a two-/three-piece suit (= of two/three pieces of clothing)

(2) a set of clothing worn for a particular activity

a diving suit; space suit; swimsuit 

a suit of armor

(3) any of the four sets that form a pack/deck of cards

The suits are called hearts, clubs, diamonds and spades.


(4) ‘Suit’ also equals to ‘lawsuit’, a problem taken to a law court by an ordinary person or an organization rather than the police in order to obtain a legal decision

He brought/filed) a $12 million libel suit against the newspaper, claiming his reputation had been damaged.

(5) ‘Suit’ can function as a verb, which means ‘to be convenient or useful for sb,’ ‘to make you look attractive,’ or ‘to be right or good for sb/sth.’

This coat really suits me well.

If we met at 2 p.m., would that suit you?



#1. I ordered a three-piece _____ with two armchairs and a sofa yesterday.

#2. There was a carnival in Rio. Some people carried surfboards, some rode skateboards, and many others wore bikinis or bathing ____.

#3. My boss is very picky. This ___ of offices does not _____ his requirements.



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